Friday, July 25, 2008

To all nudie judie fans.

hello bloom-ers.
yes! you scourged everywhere for the perfect nude pumps!
you found one blogshop annnnnnnnd it's already out of stock.
sheeeesh.frustrating kan?

so...what do we do today?
we walk & walk, drive & drive somemore, here & there to seach for nudie judie.
but to no avail!=(

the ones left at our fave supplier are all(not much, in 2 pairs only) scratch & penyek(can't seem to remember this word in english..whaaat laaa?!),not worth it. Other suppliers were kinda blur.

Bloom : " Amoi! Ada nude pumps tak? " / "kak! ada nude pumps tak?" (Amoi/Sister(?), got nude pumps or not?..hehe.blardi direct translation)
cute amoi/kakak : "Apa itu? Nud(nood..gedit?)  pams?(What's that?Nude pumps?)

imagine our 'creativity' to explain how the shoes look like..yeap! they showed us plenty of shoes but no nudie judie.haihhhh.but fear not dear comrades, we will expand our search somemore as we didn't quite finished the list of suppliers to go to. ;)

& ooooowhh. we'll be teaming up with BeliSaya by Yuyu & Qilahlala for bijou bazaar ;) out for this, will update more.

till, then..thanks for spending your time reading this junk instead of shopping.=)


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