Wednesday, October 8, 2008


i'll be taking a long break..
but if i have the time, i might be at an offline bazaar...
so watch this space from time to time allright?!
Thanks for the never ending support.
i heart each and everyone of you!=)

Friday, September 26, 2008


Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin loves!
Before we're taking a long long break, we'll gladly inform you that CARDIEMANIA is on SALE!
RM 5.00 off if you buy two! RM 10.00 off if you buy 3! More than three cardies purchased in a single transaction will receive a satin silk sleeveless babydoll top!
For fast deals sms: 012-2630062

CardieMania 5

Kawaii Bloomburst
RM 35.00
The color is of gorgeous hues of red and orange blend together!
Not a long cardi. Ends mid-b*tt ;p
Small cutting.Best Fits UK 4 -UK 6
UK 8 can still fit but tight.
*Not restockable*

Wild Wild West
RM 40.00
Cool prints, cowboy inspired.RAD!
Long cardi. Ends just below the b*tt.
Best Fits UK 6-UK 10
UK 12 can fit but tight.

Buzzing Bees*
RM 45.00
Cute prints of bees buzzing aroung for nectar!
Long cardi. Ends just below the b*tt.
Best Fits UK 6-UK 10
UK 12 can fit but tight.
The different pricing means of a different quality!
However, when you buy two, the second one gets a RM 5.00 deduction!
Buy all three, RM 10.00 deduction!!=)

*eija, i "borrow" your blog name!;p

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CardieMania 4

1. Mono Psychedelic
Best Fits UK4 - UK6
UK8 can still button but tight

2. Not Rubik's Cube
Best fits UK 8-10
UK10 can button but tight

3. Whale of a time
Best Fits UK 8-UK12
UK 12 can't button

4. Autumn in Japan
Best Fits UK 4 -UK 6
UK 8 can still fit but can't button

All are hooded cotton cardies!
To warm you up for the long journey of balik kampung.

RM 45.00


Wait-a-minute. Stop right there!

RM 30

Perfect for girls who wants to rock her outfit. Just look at it, yes it's every bit of a girl's clincher supposed to be but then the design is a bit over the edge. A bit only-lah.After all less is more. If you want to rock out in your outfit, clinch the deal with this clincher ;p

ebony black - 1 available, 1 sold
cremish beige - sold out

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Short Short notice!
We'll be at BIJOU BAZAAR!!

Bijou Bazaar @ The Podium, Menara Hap Seng
20 - 21 September 2008 weekend
Operating Hours: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

This time, we wont be with the supergirls from Superroling or Beli Saya as i was late to tell them i was to join them(indecisive mind;to join?or not to join)hence, many people have booked them first! haiyah!! But not to fret,
we'll be joining other supergirls.

so, look out for..

Yuna and friends booth!!!

ALL THANKS TO RIQAYAY from Angelfac3!Suka suka!

We're there.=)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Selamat Pagi Bloom-ers!

Hello dolls!!
We decided we won't go MIA just yet ;p
Thus, we present you our new,humbly and modest (and last perhaps) collection!
We'll be awaiting your emails!=)
AND our mobile num is not working,
So forgive us and send us emails ok?
But do leave your contact num as we have limited pieces and might have to restock it and
it'll be difficult to do so as emails can eat up time.
So email us and leave your contact num.
*Copy the order form at the side bar ok loves?*

Owh. We have 1 each of the items posted. So hurry up and grab it.
For restocking sold out items,full payment is required!

Mary Mary quite contrary

Mary Jane from another planet!
We ADORE the heels. Just look at it!!
Chunky and yet has a wedgy look to it. Excuse our disablity to describe it.hehe.
Round toe and glossy patent pu leather.
And the buckles?
You just have to hook/unhook them.
The buckles are of rusty fake gold.;p
It reminds us of one of the many MJs by Marc Jacobs particularly this one.

Okay..maybe not exactly the same!!;p
Upon trying them out, we feel that the shoe bit the back of our ankle, 
being new and all. But apart from that, it really is comfortable.
How do we know?
We walk around in them for awhile and the only thing that pained us was the back of our ankle.
So, the first time you wear it, armed the back of your ankle with handiplas ;p and wipe the shoe with baby oil to soften the leather.=)

We remembered a joke during Project Runway Malaysia, where once one of the contestant misheard Jezmine saying "Sakit is in"..ho ho ho.. But we hope she really is joking! ;p

RM 65.00

Black Status(ready stock): 
35(4),  36(5),  37(6),38(7),  39(8),   40(9)

White Status(No ready stock):
35(4),  36(5),  37(6),38(7),  39(8),   40(9)

CardieMania The Return

Remember that?

Well, its BACK!
In BLACK and RED!!
Same material & same cutting & same length!
Yes, the long cardie is back ladies.
Tunggu apa lagi?

RM 40.00

All sold!
*1 pending*

*Restock orders must be done before midnight on Friday*

Cardiemania 3

*Green with white dots*

*Pink with soft pink dots*

*Dark blue with soft pink dots*

*Koko with soft green dots*
Material: Stretchable comfy cotton
Measurements: Falls slightly below crotch for 165 cm tall person
Best Fits: UK 6 - UK8
*UK 10 can fit in however it'll have to be unbuttoned*

RM 39.00

Sold Out!

restock status:
blue - all reserved
choco - 1 available

*Restock orders must be done until friday*

Daisy Dieheart

*Daisy Dieheart*

*The bell sleeves*

*Smocked waist to give illusion of a curvy body*
*Close up on the prints as well*

Bored with your usual long long-sleeves tee?
Try our Daisy Dieheart.
With sweet and cute daisy and heart emblazoned all over it.
Bell sleeves!
Smocked waist!
And the colors too!
It'll sure brighten your day.=)

Material: Stretchable cotton
Measurements: To be updated
Best fits: UK 6 - UK 10

RM 35.00
*RM 30.00 as a second purchase in one transaction*

All sold! 

restock status:
All pending

Ms. lacey lace the dress

*Ms. lacey lace The Dress*

*The bib-lookalike chest area*=)))

*Close up on the lace and the hem*

The sister of lacey lace The skirt.;p.
BUT, the laces are of different style. If the skirt is of smaller blooms, than, the dress is of bigger and bolder blooms.With the decorated chest and hem area, you can't help falling in love with it.
Wear it loose ala hippie flower power or belt it up anyway you like it.
So, get it and get it now!=)

Material: lace and lace and lace
Measurements: To be updated
Best Fits: UK 6-UK 10

RM 50

1 last piece available from bijou bazaar!

ms. lacey lace the skirt



*Ms. lacey lace The Skirt*

*close up*

*The lace*

*The stretchable back*

A lace skirt? We love this one! We took 1 ourselves. ;)
Yes, we're hijab clad, but we still can rock this skirt as a layering piece!
Ask Jezmine, she's an expert on layering. There's countless timeswhen your top is short and you don't want to show your butt to the world, ms. lacey lace the skirt will come to your rescue! As you don't have to wear a long inner that will make you sweat of the double layer. And it's lace. With the recent craze over vintage, get em to be yours!

Material: Stretchable cotton + lace
Measurements: To be updated
color: off-white & dark brown(no picture)
Best fits: UK 8-10
*If you're smaller, you could just diy and sew the stretchable back-part*


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