Saturday, July 5, 2008

Puffy Pop


Hey there bloom-ers!=)

Presenting..Puffy Pop!

Black Puffy Pop

White Puffy Pop

cute & cute puffed out pockets!

This piece is cute and cute! And it's so comfy too.
If you are experimenting with coloured leggings but don't have a suitable tunic top,
than THIS is it!!If you're hijab clad, than wear it with a plain/printed/coloured inner
or pair it with a cardi!how's that sound?

oh! you would look absolutely kawaii.=)

It's Cotton!!
It's Free size!!
It's 29.5" in length!!

All yours at RM 35.00

The first customer will get RM 5.00 discount!wooohoooo~

Status :
Sold out
*Not restockable*


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