Tuesday, July 29, 2008



Yeah!! we've battled 300 spartans warriors to get you this. ;p

Soooo...you've seen glads of the sama pattern this season right?
The middle multiple straps? zipped back perhaps?

what about T bar gladiators?
with double fake buckles at the side..why fake?
because you don't have to buckle & unbuckle everytime
as it is has hooksto secure the glads in place ;p
furthermore, the buckles are adjustable so everyone of all sizes can wear it comfortably.

one word: COOL.well..maybe two!
who's in for the kill?

Made of patent leather
Only Available in Blue*updated 5/8/08*

RM 50.00

Sizes Available:
35(4) -  sold to laura
36(5) - sold to azi
37(6) - sold to qlala
38(7) - sold to athyra
39(8) - sold to dalila

2nd batch restock in black:
35(4) -sold to liyana
36(5) - sold to aisya
37(6) - sold to farhanna
38(7) - sold to fara fatihah
39(8) - sold to leeya

3rd batch restock in black:
35(4) -  sold to khoo bee
36(5) -  sold to ying yi
37(6) - sold to niena
38(7) - sold to Nur Huda
39(8) - sold to meen's friend

*click for larger picture*

1st batch restock in white:

35(4) -  sold to ati's friend
36(5) - sold to ati

37(6) - sold to clarissa
38(7) -sold to
39(8) - available

*click for larger picture*

-updated 5/8/08- 
1st batch restock in blue:

35(4) - sold to atikah
36(5) - sold to jullisa
37(6) -  sold to t.z buyer
38(7) - sold to t.z buyer
39(8) - sold to bijou.b buyer

-updated 1/8/08-
*NOT restockable*

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Restocking Floraella

Hello Bloom-ers! ;)

Since many of you lovelies have been asking for a restock for floraella, we are glad to say that, we'll be restocking them.

restock how-to:
1. email us with this subject -> restock:floraella
2. copy the form from the purchase-how-to from the right panel in your email body
3. Wait for our email with our acc num for you to transfer the money
4. note that you have to pay full deposit for restock items

UPDATED (1/9): We've have one last piece of ready stock so no need the hassle above! ;)

Blue Floraella : 1 available, 1 sold
Soft Red Floraella : sold out

Saturday, July 26, 2008

SEE OH DEE(COD.teehee)

 COD & meet ups!

*Saturday ( 26/7/2008)*
9.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Hartamas area(to be decided)

*Sunday (27/7/2008)*
11.00 am - 12.00 pm
The curve, Mutiara Damansara

So, for any orders you want to make, do it now! ;)
oooow.. for cardiemania which has to be restocked, you have to pay in  full deposit ya?

if you want it by tomorrow night or sunday
, let us know by texting us, easier..as we might be out & can't access our email.
if you missed this post, email us, pay full deposit, claim them during Bijou Bazaar or by postage. 

lovelove you BLOOM-ers!

Friday, July 25, 2008

To all nudie judie fans.

hello bloom-ers.
yes! you scourged everywhere for the perfect nude pumps!
you found one blogshop annnnnnnnd it's already out of stock.
sheeeesh.frustrating kan?

so...what do we do today?
we walk & walk, drive & drive somemore, here & there to seach for nudie judie.
but to no avail!=(

the ones left at our fave supplier are all(not much, in 2 pairs only) scratch & penyek(can't seem to remember this word in english..whaaat laaa?!),not worth it. Other suppliers were kinda blur.

Bloom : " Amoi! Ada nude pumps tak? " / "kak! ada nude pumps tak?" (Amoi/Sister(?), got nude pumps or not?..hehe.blardi direct translation)
cute amoi/kakak : "Apa itu? Nud(nood..gedit?)  pams?(What's that?Nude pumps?)

imagine our 'creativity' to explain how the shoes look like..yeap! they showed us plenty of shoes but no nudie judie.haihhhh.but fear not dear comrades, we will expand our search somemore as we didn't quite finished the list of suppliers to go to. ;)

& ooooowhh. we'll be teaming up with BeliSaya by Yuyu & Qilahlala for bijou bazaar ;)..watch out for this, will update more.

till, then..thanks for spending your time reading this junk instead of shopping.=)


Cardie Mania for cardi maniacs out there!;)
A long cardi!
in basic black color.

*model is size 10, height 163*

the material :
't-shirt' cotton but not as thin

the measurements for black & grey:
width - 15.5"(40.5 cm) , length - 30"(77.2 cm), sleeves - 24.5"(63.3 cm)

the measurements green,purple,red:
width - 16.5"(41.5 cm) , length - 30"(77.2 cm), sleeves - 24.5"(63.3 cm)

Black - 15 sold

ash-dirty grey - 2 sold
green - sold
purple - sold
red - sold

*Not restockable*

Thursday, July 24, 2008



Inspired by none other than the whimsically dressed, Katy Perry!
We love her so much that we named this dress after her ;)

The prints up close! The color is truer to the 2nd picture.
look at those colored polkadots, gorgeous prints & colors.yummeh! ;p

We're not really sure of the material but it's kind of sweater-cottony-like but
NOT AS THICK AS A SWEATER.hurmm..flannel would be too thick..
the perfect description should be lightly knitted cotton.

Fits UK 10-12

status :
sold out



Meet Olive the Sailor girl!! toot!tooot! ;)
She reminds us of sailordolls, cute cute sailordolls.
Who would have thought that sailor's top can be adorned with polkadots & bows.

Wear it ala sailor or off shoulder.

The buttons & the sailor frills are sewn with polkadot fabric!    
Made of cotton.
Fits UK 10 perfectly.
if you're smaller, it would have been a wee bit loose. if you're bigger than it would be body hugging.
Measures at 27" in length & 33" in width.

All sold out

Tuesday, July 22, 2008



No, this is not your ordinary cropped jacket!;p 
You always see plain colored cropped jackets or plaids or stripes print on jackets.
but this?

Think it's polkadots?

It's actually hearts! ;)

Adorned with two popped buttons & one little bow at the back!
oowhhh! there's also one cute strawberry with fake pearls as fake brooch! ;p

Cinched it or wear it loose, it's your call but we prefer it cinched!
Made of medium-thick cotton!
Fits UK 8-12 because of it's flair cut.

Status :
sold out
*Not restockable*

Also available in baby pink & baby blue. However, no ready stock!
If you want it than you have to order!;)
*Not available anymore*

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Away for the night


We'll be away for tonight thus can't check on emails.
So if you want anything, text us! All right?!

take care loves.

p/s: Forgive usif the previous post has so many typo & grammar errors!rushing mode ;p

Friday, July 18, 2008


~** OUT OF STOCK **~

hello all!

We brought in Shoose(pronounce as shoes ;p) this time.
Tho' we are more to the flats kinda girl,
these were to hard for us to turn our backs to.



nudie judie
*patent nude pumps*

choc-oh! & pepper Red are of the same designs!
only nudie judie is alone.huhu

There are no ready stocks except the ones that are used for illustration purposes.

Sizes available:
35(4), 36(5), 37(6), 38(7), 39(8)
*sizes are similar to those of vincci or nose

So if you want it, EMAIL us ,CLEARLY STATING your sizes & LEAVE YOUR HP NUM.
*This is important!!*

How much you ask?
RM 35.00 -Nudie Judie
RM42.00 - Choc-oh! & Reddar!

A date with fleur

Fleur here wants to have a date with you guys..
what say you?=)

Do take note ya?!

Event :
COD meet-ups
Day :
Date :
Time :
10-11 am
Venue :
Dataran Shah Alam(Near PKNS, if we're not mistaken)
* click on the links to view the map.

 How to recognize us?
We'll be in a
gold vios with a mini windmill up on our antenna or
 kite flying above the car.

so, if you want your goodies, than hurry!
however, we need a deposit of half the actual price.
it's fair babes, to me, you & everybody!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008



Woohoooo!! BLOOM loves this.
unfortunately, when we wore this we look like sarung nangka.=(

Soft Red Floraella & Blue Floraella


 *update*pictures as requested*
ignore the sarung nangka lookalike

 wear it as a long dress or
 short dress or as a top !!

super comfy stretchable cotton!
free size but best fits uk 4 8-10!
but if you're curvier, than why not flaunt what you got?;p
Measures at 29.5" in length.

RM 38.00

Soft Red :ALL SOLD



It's not a monster lah!
It's a cardigan!!!;p 
In basic colors, match them the way you like it.

Close up on the material. *color most truest*

Made of good quality knitted cotton(NOT synthetic!)
Free size, can fit uk 2-12!i kid you not because it's super stretchable!

sold out
*Not restockable* 

Dots vs Stripes


No!! it's not a war. Just a clash of prints.

let's see who's gonna win!;p


Stripes vs. Dots!

Comes with a white sateen sash

Made of cotton.
Fits UK 4-UK 10.
smocked back for better fit.
measures at 23" in length

RM 30.00
RM 36.00

Sold out
*Not restockable*

Plaidie Beluna


Strange name u say? ;p

 *looks kinda weird to me..will update with a better picture later*
*belt is not included*

A bit of a puffed sleeve(to hide flabby arms ;p)

Curved bodice

Smocked back for better fit.

White PD & Black PD

Made of light cotton!
Best fits UK 10-12!
Measures at 34" in length!

RM 40.00

Status :
Sold out
*Not restockable*




What we have is definitely NOT two peas in a pod! 


Cute tak?;p. Wear it the way you like it!
Bows in front, tied at the back or anyway you want!!
weee~multi purpose!hehe.

Note : Square neck & pleated waist!

Red Ging-a-gingham
& Black Ging-a-gingham

Made of light cotton material.
best fits UK 4- 8. *Yay! For smaller girls!*
side zipped & stretchable back stitch!
*note: UK 10 can only fit if the bust's cup is not > B cup
Measures at 33.5" in length.

RM 40.00

Status :
Black g-a-g : Sold
Red g-a-g : Sold

Fleur Bloom


! Zis iz Fleur.
 Black Fleur & Brown Fleur

Everything about this shirt is extra-ordinary.
Slanted button stitches, slanted hem, & neat stitches at the middle of the shirt's back.


*update* pics as requested *


made of light cotton.
Best fits UK 10 -UK 12.*Yay! For the curvy girls*
Measures at
32" in length.

*free sash of the same prints & color*

RM 40.00

All sold out
*Not restockable*


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