Saturday, August 30, 2008

Feast your eyes

Hello lovely Bloom-ers!=)
Feast your eyes ladies as we bring you
dresses fresh from rainbow pallete
checks and polkas.
cardies to bags!
owwwh, we love it all.
we hope you do too!

The Blair-Dress Project, Check-her-out, Fleur DeEden, Dorothy,Sexy Savannah
Credits :
Photographer - Zaki of Wreck Unit
Assistants - Farah , Rozzana, Radzman(byk kan?! ;p)

Actually, there are close to 1.5 gigabyte of pictures, & the pictures are not fully shown,
i'm shy ;p

Friday, August 29, 2008

Veronica goes to work - updated post

*Sophisticatedly sweet*

*color most truest,gives you curves!!!look at moi!;p*

*close up on the pleats*

A tribute post to all of our friends whom recently graduated!
Well, a tribute for the working ladies lah ;)
What's great about this dress is that it slims down your body,
i mean look at those pictures, im not that slim upclose.teehehee..
Also the pleats at the bust area, adds a twist to a normally boring work outfit..
Furthermore, the sleeves which can be adjusted according to your desire,
puffy? slightly puffy? straight? anyway you like em.
Flattering cuts all in all.
Get em!!

Material: top - 100% soft chiffon + bottom -  stretchable cotton
Best fits: UK 6 - UK 8
notes: side ziped, double stitch at the skirt(elongates your legs you know), lining only at the bust area only.

Sold Out

CardieMania 2


Especially for those whom keep on asking us to bring in more printed cardies!
two designs only.

~ Bloom d'Cardie ~

~ Color-me-dots ~

material: 100% good quality cotton
best fits: UK 6 - UK 10
notes:this time i(UK8/UK10) could button those without stretching ;p

All sold out
*not restockable*

The Blair-dress project


*note the collar*

*the eh?*

1 word.Coolness.
You could pass of as a harajuku girl or as an upper-east sider ;p
if you know how to mix & match this super cool dress.
Trust me it's cool with from it's pockets, collar down to the double stitch in front of the dress.

material: 100% good quality cotton
best fits: UK 6 - UK 10(best worn with belts for petites)
notes:  scooped collar,uber cool side pockets,side zipped, neat linings,
double front stitch & smocked back

Sold out

Check-her-out - updated post

A tube dress this time!
This is definitely for someone who likes checkered prints but haven't dared to 
try it out. Simply because that the checkered prints are only at the chest area!
The bottom are full black skirt which are superb!
preppy looking yet oozes cuteness.
Doncha think so?

material: 100% good quality cotton
best fits: UK6 - UK10
notes: side zipped, smocked back &  neat linings(i swear)

RM 48.00

available in pink+black & green+black only
 all reserved in white+black
all sold in blue+black

*we guarantee that if this dress do not meet your satisfaction, we'll return your money*
-T&C applies-
-notify us the day it you received it-

Fleur deEden

*model is approx 165 cm*

A pallete of happy sunshiney colors aren't they?
Best worn when the weather is hot due to it's cooling cotton material.
Neat embroidery at the bust and each side of the dress!

material : 100% cotton
best fits : UK 8 - UK 10
note: the straps are adjustable, neat embroidery, smocked back

we've had this instock for so long now that now we want to clear this off!
Major discount!! IF you buy anything here, we'll lower to RM 30.
How's that?

RM 33.00
RM 43.00

last piece in teal!!



A basic top/dress for you!=)
Best paired with leggings and skinnies.
With trapeze-like collar, huge buttons & pockets,
Not so basic, right? 

*the pockets!*

*close up on the collar & hugey-cutey buttons*

*available in black as well!*

Material: 100% cotton
Best Fits: UK 6-UK 10
Notes: trapeze-like collar, pockets, cute buttons

Sold Out

Sexy Savannah


A sexy lingerie-lookalike top.
For those dare-shedevils, wear this with a tube inside.
We experimented it & it was smokin' hot babes.
But no, there's no picture of that,
Only a more decent, covered up version on how to wear these gorgeous top!

*the leggings looks so blue here, it's actually a dark shade of blue denim*

*close up on the upper part*

*close up on the lace..niceee right?*

Sold Out

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Minnie Me


*a clutch*

*a handbag*

*a slingbag*

It's tiny, yes it is.
But it's uber cute!!!
Quilted PU leather, Silver plated bow & the shape.
You gotta love these babies.
Some asks us whether it's vintage as it looks like 1,
but dear loves, it's not!
It's brand new.

So why not buy this & keep it as your own vintage collection for your children(corny yet again ;p

Sold Out

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

From the heart

Im sorry people,
for the late updates.
for that,
whatever you purchase
there'll be RM 5.00 knock off.=)
*does not apply to candy hearts & the kakis*


p/s: maxis ohhh maxis, please upgrade your 3g service in my area.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008



the cute pockets:

a hooded cardie =)
For comfy days, you are gonna be needing this!
comfy material with cute cute pockets.
100% made of cotton!

the pockets are lopsided. adds more to the quirkiness dont cha think? ;p

All sold out


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