Friday, July 18, 2008


~** OUT OF STOCK **~

hello all!

We brought in Shoose(pronounce as shoes ;p) this time.
Tho' we are more to the flats kinda girl,
these were to hard for us to turn our backs to.



nudie judie
*patent nude pumps*

choc-oh! & pepper Red are of the same designs!
only nudie judie is alone.huhu

There are no ready stocks except the ones that are used for illustration purposes.

Sizes available:
35(4), 36(5), 37(6), 38(7), 39(8)
*sizes are similar to those of vincci or nose

So if you want it, EMAIL us ,CLEARLY STATING your sizes & LEAVE YOUR HP NUM.
*This is important!!*

How much you ask?
RM 35.00 -Nudie Judie
RM42.00 - Choc-oh! & Reddar!


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