Sunday, July 13, 2008

2 way or the highway


it's 2 way or the high way girls!
ch-ch-check it out ;p

it's a high waisted skirt!
*note the pleats in front!!


it's a bow top!

no! it's a plain pleated top!

it's the 2 way from Bloom!
You can donned it as a skirt or a top
& style it the way you like!
Pull the sash back or front & tie it into a bow
or tie it around your neck or waist
or just tuck it in inside the skirt.
Wear it as a top or skirt!

The materials are of superb quality cotton!
Best fits UK 6 - 10

There! You could wear this skirt for a week, no one could ever notice it!

Sold out
*Not restockable*


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