Tuesday, July 22, 2008



No, this is not your ordinary cropped jacket!;p 
You always see plain colored cropped jackets or plaids or stripes print on jackets.
but this?

Think it's polkadots?

It's actually hearts! ;)

Adorned with two popped buttons & one little bow at the back!
oowhhh! there's also one cute strawberry with fake pearls as fake brooch! ;p

Cinched it or wear it loose, it's your call but we prefer it cinched!
Made of medium-thick cotton!
Fits UK 8-12 because of it's flair cut.

Status :
sold out
*Not restockable*

Also available in baby pink & baby blue. However, no ready stock!
If you want it than you have to order!;)
*Not available anymore*


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