Friday, August 29, 2008

Veronica goes to work - updated post

*Sophisticatedly sweet*

*color most truest,gives you curves!!!look at moi!;p*

*close up on the pleats*

A tribute post to all of our friends whom recently graduated!
Well, a tribute for the working ladies lah ;)
What's great about this dress is that it slims down your body,
i mean look at those pictures, im not that slim upclose.teehehee..
Also the pleats at the bust area, adds a twist to a normally boring work outfit..
Furthermore, the sleeves which can be adjusted according to your desire,
puffy? slightly puffy? straight? anyway you like em.
Flattering cuts all in all.
Get em!!

Material: top - 100% soft chiffon + bottom -  stretchable cotton
Best fits: UK 6 - UK 8
notes: side ziped, double stitch at the skirt(elongates your legs you know), lining only at the bust area only.

Sold Out


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