Thursday, September 18, 2008

ms. lacey lace the skirt



*Ms. lacey lace The Skirt*

*close up*

*The lace*

*The stretchable back*

A lace skirt? We love this one! We took 1 ourselves. ;)
Yes, we're hijab clad, but we still can rock this skirt as a layering piece!
Ask Jezmine, she's an expert on layering. There's countless timeswhen your top is short and you don't want to show your butt to the world, ms. lacey lace the skirt will come to your rescue! As you don't have to wear a long inner that will make you sweat of the double layer. And it's lace. With the recent craze over vintage, get em to be yours!

Material: Stretchable cotton + lace
Measurements: To be updated
color: off-white & dark brown(no picture)
Best fits: UK 8-10
*If you're smaller, you could just diy and sew the stretchable back-part*


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