Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mary Mary quite contrary

Mary Jane from another planet!
We ADORE the heels. Just look at it!!
Chunky and yet has a wedgy look to it. Excuse our disablity to describe it.hehe.
Round toe and glossy patent pu leather.
And the buckles?
You just have to hook/unhook them.
The buckles are of rusty fake gold.;p
It reminds us of one of the many MJs by Marc Jacobs particularly this one.

Okay..maybe not exactly the same!!;p
Upon trying them out, we feel that the shoe bit the back of our ankle, 
being new and all. But apart from that, it really is comfortable.
How do we know?
We walk around in them for awhile and the only thing that pained us was the back of our ankle.
So, the first time you wear it, armed the back of your ankle with handiplas ;p and wipe the shoe with baby oil to soften the leather.=)

We remembered a joke during Project Runway Malaysia, where once one of the contestant misheard Jezmine saying "Sakit is in"..ho ho ho.. But we hope she really is joking! ;p

RM 65.00

Black Status(ready stock): 
35(4),  36(5),  37(6),38(7),  39(8),   40(9)

White Status(No ready stock):
35(4),  36(5),  37(6),38(7),  39(8),   40(9)


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