Wednesday, July 9, 2008


hello hello all bloom-ers!

Say hi to Dotsie(s) here..=)

White Dotsie

Black Dotsie

The trimmings & Pleated cuffs with double buttons! 


Bored with your usual working attire? Tired with your normal college shirt?
Get a dose of Dotsie & score that presentation!=)

Anything goes with this cute lil' thing!
To work or college, simply wear it with high-waisted skirts or pants.
For fun, roll up the sleeves, unbutton a few & pair it with shorts or skinnys!
For muslims, wear it as an inner instead of the norm long-sleeves t-shirt.=)

The material is light satin..the buttons and the trimmings are pretty neat!
And oohh~did i mention the cuffs are pleated?!yes it is!!!

oh-my! we forgot, the measurement is 23" from shoulder down.

 get a dose of Dotsie at ONLY 
RM 28.00

Status :
   White Dotsie - Available
  Black Dotsie - Sold out


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